We want to welcome our new boarders this summer and the new riders showing with us! Its such a joy working with our new friends and we couldn’t be prouder of the work Katie is doing with our horses and riders, were looking forward to some exciting things in the show ring!

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I got an assignment to photograph helicopters arriving at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando for the HAI show.  On the second day, I decided to do a time lapse while using my other camera to get the close ups.  I uploaded this VIDEO on youtube.  The camera took a picture every 4 seconds for 4 hours.  There are about 3500 photos during the video.  The helicopters start to appear at the 48 second mark.  Some of the helicopters arriving were Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, MD and Robinson Helicopters.  Helicopter Association International puts on a great show.  There are many press events, photo opportunities and portraits to be taken.  As a portrait photographer, I always try to seek out the CEO’s of these helicopter companies.  This year, I made portraits of Udo Rieder, the Erickson Air-Crane CEO. I also got to photograph Sikorsky CEO Jeffrey Pino and MD Helicopter CEO Lynn Tilton.


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The same wonderful staff that sent me to Geneva, Switzerland sent me a little closer to home…. Atlanta.  I photographed the 2010 NBAA show at the Georgia Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.

I love these assignments and the staff.  The people are fun, passionate and knowledgeable.

The exhibits were at the Congress Center and the planes were 20 miles away, at the Peachtree Airport.

NBAA 2010

A Bomardier is seen at sunset during NBAA 2010.


I got a call from Bonnier Photographer Bill Doster.  He asked if I was available from August 22 – 26 in Fort Myers Beach.  I didn’t know if it was for Waterski, Wakeboard or Boating Magazine.  Or maybe he was double booked and he needed help.

He asked if I was interested in shooting the first ever Boating Magazine swimsuit issue with him and another photographer.  I immediately said yes.  “There will be 12 girls, 12 boats and 3 photographers working for 4 days.”  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I had a corporate gig on the 19-20th in Orlando, a wedding on the 21st in St. Augustine, then a 6 hour drive from St. Augustine to Fort Myers Beach early on the 22nd.  Our home for the few days was the Pink Shell Resort, a beautiful oceanfront getaway in southwest Florida.

Although the weather hampered us at times, we made the best of what we were given.  My time was with Deonna / Mastercraft, Kelly / Premier, Natalia / Deep Impact, and Erin / Sea Ray.  I’m sure you have a copy of the magazine by now.  And, if you haven’t done so already, order your calendar! https://secure.palmcoastd.com/pcd/document?ikey=089U3HA3U That’s my photo of Natalia on the cover.

My friend Ryan Totka is an online marketing genius.  When he offered to add me to his website filled with celebrity and VIP names, I couldn’t resist.  http://www.athletepromotions.com/

You’ll find me under Sports Photographer Services.  Why is this partnership important?  Because people can now find me on internet searches!  Try it out… Google “Houston Athlete Photographer”  or “Athlete Photographer” or “Orlando Sports Photographer”.  I’m on the first page for all searches.




I got an assignment to shoot EBACE 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.  It’s the first time I’ve been to Europe.  EBACE is:  European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.  My assignment was to cover press conferences, signings and general coverage of the expo.  In Orlando, there are home shows, PGA shows, Surf Expo, boat shows, car shows, etc.  None are as cool as photographing a $60 million dollar private jet.  When I had free time, I experimented with a 90mm tilt shift lens I rented from Oscar at the http://www.thelensdepot.com.

After photographing a Boeing Business Jets conference, I approached the PR Rep about having their CEO Steve Taylor pose for me.  She agreed, and we met up the following day at their jet on the tarmac.  It was a 737 that was a flying house.  Taylor is an incredibly nice guy, and got his start in the company as a pilot.  He climbed the ranks over the years.  I asked him if the plane happened to be going to Orlando, Florida after the show.. “Unfortunately not, and I’ll be flying coach back to Seattle.”

Since it was raining for most of the visit, and I still wanted to test this lens, I approached the helicopter display.  Specifically, the bright blue helicopter.  I wanted it for my background, and was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful sales woman named Mary that was willing to pose for me.  I took many of her and her coworkers, and when I had another free minute, I dropped off a couple of prints for them.  I then asked her to pose again, as I could see my original pictures could use some improvement.  I brought a tripod this time, and played around with the lens some more.  She was very patient with me, and I’m pumped to show this image.  Mary works for a Avinco, a company located in Monaco.  If you’re in the market for a helicopter, check her out!  http://www.avinco.net .

My trip to Geneva was a successful one, and I look forward to more travel with the team of writers, graphics and other photographers!

I assisted on a Under Armour apparel photo shoot with Dominique Rodgers Cromartie at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida on March 25th.  When wrapping up the shoot, a young man with dreads came over, sat around, and talked with Dominique.  The kid looked like a bad ass rock star.  I approached him to ask a few questions, with the intentions of asking if I’m ever back in town, I’d like to photograph him.  Asked him about tennis, other sports, and IMG.  He said his tennis national ranking was 52.  He was from the Bronx.  He was 18, was graduating soon, and will be heading to visit colleges in the next few weeks.  I asked him to make pictures of him when I’m back in town.  We exchanged emails when I sent him a picture of the Yankees, from a photo shoot a few days before.

A few days passed when I realized I wouldn’t probably be in Bradenton for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG.  However, I really wanted to photograph him.  I contacted him again via email to plan for something that week.  We both agreed to get together the following Wednesday.  I drove the two hours back down to Bradenton, picked him up, then went to a tennis court in Bradenton Beach.

I set up some lights on the court, laid in playing territory, and waited for balls to whiz by my head for Jason to hit. One ball actually buzzed my ear.  It was pretty crazy.   We also did some portraits of Jason on the courts, but my favorite were the last portraits of Jason in front of a pergola.  I was doing the shoot for a possible portfolio image.  Jason was doing it for new facebook pictures!

My friends Carrie and Duncan got married on Friday, February 26th.  I had to help a NYC photographer on the 24th with the Phillies and 25th with the Yankees.  I told the photographer my friends were getting married, I was in the wedding, and it would be cool to get a quick video of one player to congratulate my friends.  I didn’t want him to get in any kind of trouble, so I had to choose my time wisely.  When Joba Chamberlain was waiting around for another photographer, it was the perfect time.  He agreed to speak into my IPhone.  He added his own congratulations message.  It was very cool, and I quickly emailed it to Duncan.  His response was like many others from our home state of Maine … “WTF, couldn’t get a Red Sox player to do it?”

Joba Chamerlain

Joba Chamberlain by Cy Cyr

Photo by Cy Cyr

When Business Jet Traveler called to ask if I could make a cover portrait for them of Arnold Palmer, I was ecstatic!  I had met Mr. Palmer about 8 times prior while assisting photographer friends, and was hoping to get my opportunity soon.  Originally, the shoot was planned for the airport with his Citation X, THEN at Bay Hill, his golf course in Orlando.  I was a little disappointed we only ended up with Bay Hill, but still very excited.

The shoot was scheduled for a VERY cold morning in Orlando.  I don’t think it reached 40.  I photographed the editor speaking with Mr. Palmer in his office.  It was pretty awesome hearing Arnold talk about his different planes he’s owned throughout the years, his reason for being a pilot, how it’s helped his golf game, and why big companies SHOULD have a jet.  He was so passionate about his jet, I wanted one for myself.  If it was up to him, everyone would be flying.  He’s that passionate.

When the interview was over, I had to sweet talk Mr. Palmer into going to the 10th tee of his course.  “It’s pretty cold out there young man,” said The King.  “I promise you’ll be done in 5 minutes.”  He agreed.  He could have said no, after all, He is The King.

My friend Adam and I hurried to the 10th tee to set up my Elinchrome on a Profoto 7B then did a few tests.   Mr. Palmer drove over with his cardigan on, stood in the sweet spot, and gave me a few smiles.  When it was tough to keep his attention,  I asked for the Citation X smile.  I can’t believe I got this opportunity, and I can’t believe Arnold still poses for publications after all these years.

When we were done, we watched Arnold give a lesson to his grandson, Sam Saunders.  He also posed with a few people playing his course.  He was such a gentleman to everyone.

Business Jet Traveler ran a close up on the cover, and my favorite photo full page on the inside.

Walter greets Tiger Woods during a shoot for Golf Digest. Photo editor Matt Ginella listens in.

Tiger and Walter say goodbye after a cover shoot for Golf Digest. Walter's friend Troy Robertson was hoping for his Tiger hug.

Walter Iooss poses for a test picture before photographing Tiger Woods.

Walter points out action photos of Arnold Palmer to the man himself.

Walter Iooss is my photography idol.  That’s before I found out he was also doing the swimsuit edition.  He’s a legend.

I’ll provide some history.  My parents gave my brother and I a subscription to Sports Illustrated when we were in little league.  For years, I tore out covers and pictures in the magazine, and thumb tacked them to my wall.  “Iooss” was in most of the captions or photo credits.

In high school, I took photography courses.  Dan Roberge was my teacher.  He is the greatest teacher at Biddeford High School.  I got super interested in photography after listening to Dan.  In 1995 I then went to the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.  It’s got a great program for students that want to be photographers.  As part of the course,  a 20 minute speech about a photographer is required.  The photographer I chose was Walter Iooss.  The instructor said to show examples of their work, and try to get quotes from them if they’re still living.  WHAT?  Call Walter Iooss?  I can do that?  How?  I went into my SI mag, found any phone number I could, and started my search.  The subscription people sent me to the editorial people.  The editorial people sent me to the photo people.  When I called the photo staff number and asked for Walter Iooss, they said to hang on, Walter was around.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had my notes, but they didn’t seem to matter anymore.  I was terrified!

“Hello, this is Walter,” the voice said from some skyscraper in NYC.  “Hello, My name is Cy Cyr, I’m a photography student at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, and I’m doing a speech on you next month.”  “Really?  On me?  Why?”  I asked him about his first assignment, his cameras, his advice for student photographers and why he got into photography.  Tracking him down on the phone in 1996 was a small miracle.

I went about my photography career, wondering if I’d ever meet Walter.  I can remember going to an ESPN X-Games in Providence, and seeing a photographer that looked like Walter.  I tensed up, told my friends “I think that’s Walter Iooss, I have to say hi.”  I approached him, and asked “Are you Walter Iooss?”  The photographer looked at me with a big smile and replied “No, but I wish I was!”

It wasn’t until 2003 that I met Walter Iooss.  I was shooting a Patriots v. Dolphins game in Miami.  I finally got a chance to say hello in person.  I told him I did a speech about him 7 years ago, and he seemed to remember, but was probably trying to be nice.   I had a little more confidence by then, and we talked for 5 minutes.  He was really interested in my name.

My friend Eric Larson and I developed a relationship with Golf Digest over the years.  The photo editor is Christian Iooss, Walters son.  Christian called Eric and said his dad was going to Melbourne, Florida to photograph the Washington Nationals baseball coach and Hall of Famer Frank Robinson.   And that he could use some help.  Eric and I went to Melbourne the next day.  It was February 20th, 2006.  We waited in the parking lot for Walter to show up.  His arrival was legendary.  I didn’t know Walter enjoyed rap music.  Loud rap music.  The shoot went well, and the next thing you know is Eric and I are bringing Walter FUCKING Iooss to the airport.  We thought it was the coolest thing.  Walter kept calling me “cy cyr dot com.”  It was the shortest one hour drive to the Orlando Airport I’ve ever had.

Since that day, I’ve helped Walter on shoots with Tiger Woods, CC Sabathia, Dwight Howard, Arnold Palmer, Carl Crawford, Rocco Mediate, Nick Price, Suzanne Peterson, tennis’ Bryant twins and many more.  One assignment for Johnny Damon didn’t happen, so Walter and I played 27 holes of golf that day.  We’ve also played Bay Hill a few times, Reunion, Lake Nona and even the McArthur Golf Club in Hobe Sound.  One time, he Fed Ex’d his golf clubs to my house.  He loves golf!

I have definitely learned a lot of technical photography techniques from Walter, but it’s how he treats people that interests me.

Walter’s work can be found at :  http://www.walteriooss.com

I’m still waiting for the Swimsuit Edition phone call.


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